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  1. Shaman Ray

    Kuroki should be spending a normal and boring everyday life in our original world, but he came to this world for some reason.
    That Kuroki appeared before us as a powerful opponent. That, in itself, is strange.
    Especially for a normal and plain guy like him. He is definitely Kuroki.


  2. kingofgodlyfalltechnique

    I actually find refreshing that the ” childhood friend ” type girl is so flawed this time around instead of being the usual blindly loyal and supportive type who usually can’t find fault on the MC that’s it’s just so played out.

    That’s been said, Shirone have a couple of big issues.
    Firstly,there’s her pride and conceit that lead her to mistakes Kuroki’s humility for weakness which doesn’t allow her to consider that Kuroki never wins against her maybe because he didn’t wanted to go all out against the girl he (used to) likes.
    Second, her messed up notions of strength and heroism that have led her to put Reiji,the girls in his party and herself on a unrealistically lofty pedestal which has rendered her blind to Kuroki’s strengths and qualities.

    And to top it all she seems rather possessive and selfish when it comes to Kuroki. Notice how not only she mentally and verbally implies that Kuroki is ” hers” but also how subtly (and perhaps unconsciously) she tries deflect any attention that anyone shows towards him?

    1. Madman_Jack

      ………. Well f*ck, there went all my hope for something meaningful to come from the spoiler. All that possible character development and introspection hinted at, then thrown out the window.
      Also: I brought up earlier that Kuroki’s mainly is/was a pacifist back in Japan…. or wherever this lot grew up in. It takes a lot to actually get a pacifist to shut up and fight (up to and including more or less mind breaking grief depending on how deep it goes. And even then they still might just let you kill them instead of fighting back if they can’t run any further…. but that’s the extreme pacifist end that while I respect it, will probably never understand it. See Tinkers/Tuatha’an/Way of the Leaf) So Yeah, of course he’d never gone all out. Being a good boy in modern times also tends to frown on fighting even to protect yourself too, now that I think about it. Funny how I’ve just noticed how pacifism is trying to take over the world for some reason.

      Well, if nothing else, Shirone’s first meetings/interactions with Kuroki’s woman(Kuna) is going to be fun to read.

  3. bayu eldino putra

    My hate for Shirone increased by 200% in this chapter alone. By the looks of things it would skyrocket more and more. I never saw this type of character in all the novels I’ve been read until now. Stupid, annoying, so full of herself, not to mention her self-centered justice. She is prevailing even against tsunderes and yanderes. I hope the author didn’t make Kuroki and her an item. Just make her as NTR-ed joke like character whom got her love taken everytime by girls prettier than her

  4. Chad Meyer

    What happens to sheep when you kill the shepherds again? Oh yeah wolves come in and kill she sheep. Whats going to happen to the people in this village now that their ‘shepherd’ has been killed after Shirone leaves? The people can’t defend themselves, so they will either need to flee; get a new ‘shepherd’ or wait for the ‘wolves’ to sweep in on them.
    In the end your actions will kill everyone here unless you take responsibility to protect them, but has Kuroki pointed out you guys take the spotlight and leave the cleanup work to other people.

  5. LibertarianCicero

    Shirone got some verbal comeuppance courtesy of Kaya. She did not understand Kuroki as well as she thought. Well, she also blindly admires Reiji as a heroic figure, blind to his unsavory parts (when I say admire I mean admire, not love).

    1. Chad Meyer

      Reiji waits for women to come to him, rather then launch the initiative himself. Or at the very least recognizes the signs that they want to get it on. If he tried to seduce Shirone I don’t doubt she would go all the way. Face it, she put how much she cares about Reiji who she has known for 2 years, and Kuroki who she has known her whole life on a scale and irrevocably chose Reiji.

  6. ohmariowv

    Thanks for this part of the chapter.

    Guys… I’m trying not to prepare my pimp rings for Shirone. But I ALWAYS want to slap that girl. Just wait for chapter 39… or was it 40? All I remember is that you’ll see her hypocrisy first hand. Trust me, the urge to slap her over it is near impossible to hold in.

    1. Chad Meyer

      Its fine if WE take hostages since we are the good guys. Its fine if Reiji kills someone but if someone wants to kill Reiji we can kill them since WE are the good guys. Ifs fine if we invade another country with the intent to kill the leader and anyone who gets in our way, but if somebody else does it its wrong since WE are the good guys. Its not cowardly for us to use a trap to kill our enemies but its cowardly when our opponent does its WE are the good guys.

  7. kingofgodlyfalltechnique

    Shirone:”D’oh! Dammit Kaya don’t use logic on me!”

    However,let me correct you here miss maido…Kuroki almost halved Reiji like a pineapple and that was playing mostly defense.
    Have he been serious you all probably be seeing the “GAME OVER ?” “CONTINUE?” screen.

        1. Vincent Voidbringer

          Could just be an act to keep women away from Kuroki by deflecting all attractiveness to another male. Not really sure if that IS the case but it is possible given the tags. Yandres man. Only things that actually regularly freak me out, are those maniacally possessive women.