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      1. theotherliamtigh

        But the good news is that Seirei Gensouki got a Drama CD last September (which is usually a precursor to an Anime), which is probably why (in addition to the LN) the author’s output on the WN seems to slow down. Got a few big names, too:

        Rio: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Kirito, Bell Cranel, Masamune etc., etc., etc.)
        Miharu: Harada Sayaka
        Celia: Fujita Akane (Masamune’s sister Sagiri from Eromanga Sensei)
        Aisha: Kawahara Yuuki
        Latifah: Kusunoki Tomori (Llenn from SAOA:GGO)
        Lislotte: Toyama Nao
        Satsuki: Tomatsu Haruka (Asuna, Aina, etc., etc., etc.)

        But unfortunately, while the WN wraps up some loose ends, it doesn’t resolve others (so far. Last Japanese update was in November).

        1. theotherliamtigh

          Someone put up a sample on YouTube:

          It’s Rio and Latifah (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Kusunoki Tomori). I think Celia is there too, but my conversational MoonSpeak has gotten pretty rusty in recent years (it was pretty mediocre to begin with).

  1. LibertarianCicero

    Not surprising that Liselotte knew Haruto in her past life. That was a given, seen by her reaction when he told the Kretia House his family name after the king approved it. It was amazing that Celia announcing who she is threw off the usually unperturbable and almost emotionless Aria. Also, I still think Christina has a yandere side she is trying to control.

      1. 0da7b83a04f8d7a9afcf5277dba9cc61

        It was foreshadowed she was in the bus in the manga not too sure if it happend here though also I give I’ll just google translate the chapter yep that’s what I’ll do

        1. boomkoko3

          She and Latify was in the same bus in the old and new Manga of Seirei Genouki, not sure about Latifa in LN but Liselotte was in the same school has Haruto and met him there when her friends called out to him.

      2. Oliver Johnson

        I reckon she us the youbg girl that fancies him from the lower grade as she was on the bus as well, if I remember correctly, she is depicted as sat behind him in the manga.