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  1. Kel

    「Though this isn’t the best inn, it should be a fairly high-ranked inn amongst the inns in the post town. I know that this inn couldn’t satisfy her highnesses demand but please bear with it during our journey」

    Rio expressed his apology from Christina’s side.

    By the way since they can call her by her real name during this journey, they decided to use an alias for Christina. It was for the sake of hiding her real identity.

    So why did Rio called her “Her highness”?

    1. 03_szust

      Rei and Kouta are friends with the hero in Bertram Kingdom. The first time we hear of them is when Rio/Haruto gets Celia out of the castle in Bertram when he also look into the heroes for a little bit to find Miharu’s friends. From what I know of the raw they are not that important for the overall story.
      What makes them somewhat special though is that they are male characters that don’t dislike Rio/Haruto.