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  1. macktheknife123

    Thanks for the chapter. The say where Rio was doing it for her. Just made me think of characters in series who say something like, “As long as someone believes in me I will believe in myself.” I think the first time I heard said like that was either MC in Vandread or the Space Pirate Captain Harlock The Endless Odyssey said by Captain Herlock.

  2. macktheknife123

    Thanks for the next part. To me it has becoming really interesting to see if Rio will say Yes that he bring them to Restoration group. Or No that he continue on to his journey of revenge.

  3. LibertarianCicero

    I think we will finally see Christina’s own personal thoughts and feelings about Rio. That would be very enlightening. Rio has to be careful talking to her though, as she is connecting the dots about his story, and she now knows that he can create magic tools that can change hair color. This will get very interesting.