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  1. Chad Meyer

    In the LN we are introduced to the Bertram’s hero. His goal appears to be to return home and would appear to be the type to play along on the surface while understanding that they are trying manipulatle him. I don’t know if hes different in the WN or scheming something else but I can see him to be the type of person to let Duke Albo have is way until a critical point and then abandoning him there. In other words he may actually be a good guy.

    I’m looking forward to Celia screwing up and using the name Rio. Also, Rio is descended of foreign royalty but he is not recognized as such so he was technically a commoner. Now he is a Honoarary Noble that has foreign royal blood in him.

    1. rome019

      So the summoned hero in Bertram Is the one with a bow? I remember seeing a illustration that when they having a party in Galluk kingdom to the heroes there was people who come and wants to kill royalties. While Rio was fighting barehands, the hero was shooting his divine weapon.