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  1. Sword Armada

    Guys. So I managed to buy the first volume of the SeiGensou (LN) and when I started reading it, I realized that the Strahl region was in the West side of the continent. This whole time I thought It was on the East side and that the yagumo region was in the west. Yea Ik …. Im ashamed of myself and now I have to switch all the destinations I know by its opposite (Mainly those on the East and West).

  2. Krad

    I think Christina have a high chance of of figuring out Haruto’s disguise. She’s top of the class too after all.

    Just seeing Celia’s hair color will give out the clue that Haruto might be using the same method. And I think the 1st and second princess already knows that there’s only one particular boy that Sensei is fond of, meaning……. nah, who knows. XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. LibertarianCicero

      Flora never saw Celia, or even knew, that she was in Galwark. So, Rio is safe from her figuring it out. As for Christina, it is hard to tell what she knew about Rio and Celia’s relationship in the past. There were rumors, but we only know Flora knew, because she saw their interaction, with Rio truly smiling when talking with Celia, instead of his usual fake/wry smiles he usually used.

  3. LibertarianCicero

    Poor Rio. He just got away from Flora, and runs into Christina. And, she seems almost as perceptive as her sister. I have always wondered what her real feelings for Rio are. I know it seemed like she hated him. But, I always wondered if she was just being dishonest with her feelings. I could be off-base though, so she could just hate him. But, I thought she might be more complex than she appeared, and that she was burdened in some ways, which is why she agreed to throw Rio under the bus when Stead almost accidentally killed Flora.

    1. Shiba Tatsuya

      You seems forgetting but yes, she’s killing her own humanity to throw Rio as the criminal.. When she heard Flora disagreement towards the conclusion, Christina told her, as royalty, it’s common sense to choose noble than commoners, what’s more, the nobles on their side (ally) so they must do that to protect them..

      1. Snow

        Shiba’s right. Her attempt at insight was foolish at best. She rewarded the behavior of criminals at the expense of someone who had already suffered for saving her sister. To not only condone and support that system but to repeatedly do this to the same individual, I would call that hate. Any feelings she may develop now would be infatuation and/or guilt.
        All she would deserve is a knife and slow painful death to cry and regret her choices.