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  1. Nikhil Mathew

    Takahisa:What a Son of a btch….it is very realistic behaviour though….
    Realistic behaviour of an overactive C
    Sendou Aki: Wow! Plot with your fake brother …to screw over your real brother…

    So far, the only character that I looe among the Heroes is Satsuki..

    Actually the the author is a genius as he makes us keep reading…even after going through this shitfest.

  2. LibertarianCicero

    Anyone surprised that the Galwark royal family has a hidden agenda? That was obvious from the beginning. It is why Rio felt that the king wasn’t telling the whole truth with letting Miharu and company visit Takahisa. With Satsuki, I think she still has as a romantic attraction to Rio, but won’t admit it, because she knows about him confessing his love to Miharu. Like Rio, she isn’t not completely honest with her feelings.

    1. i don’t think even Rio is honest with his own feelings as well. He still thinks he’s haruto, but he and his past life what kind of mixed up to the extent of what he truly feels and what his past life feels for the time being.