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    1. Kitty Jiu

      you’re welcome!
      the hype for CEO’s Villainess is totally worth it cuz it only gets better and better xD
      Novel world romance is one of my favorite tropes so there’s still more of that I’ve yet to introduce.

  1. Aytise

    OMG this is such a great novel!! loved it! though, i’m confused, i can’t find it on novelupdates so i don’t know how to keep track of new updates? dear translator, thank you for picking this up, it’s a gem!! love these kind of novels like “not willing to be supporting character” they’re so interesting and satisfying!

    1. Kitty Jiu

      I’ll always be coming out with more novels like this so you can check my Patreon or works here on WordExcerpt!
      If you want real-time notifications whenever I update, you can join our Discord.
      Here’s how to join:

      1) click this link and Accept Invite:
      2) go to # roles
      3) React with React with :moneybag: for CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

      Now you’ll get notified whenever I post. It’ll come up faster here than on novelupdates. Hope this helps!

    1. Kitty Jiu

      No problem, I’ll answer your questions anytime xD

      so the $5 tier has 3 advanced chapters of CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend, 4 advanced chapters of “I Refuse to be a Supporting Character” and 4 chapters of Rebirth of the Tyrant’s pet
      3+4+4 = 11 chapters total

      you can check these tier links below for info on EACH tier
      $5 TIER —

      $10 TIER–

      $20 TIER–

      $30 TIER–

      $50 TIER –

      $80 TIER —