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  1. Elestia

    That’s a pretty fragmented country if the neighboring region has a completely different language. We’re not talking about escaping to a different country, so it’s kind of surprising.

    Pretty interesting so far, will continue following this novel.

    1. Xacual C

      To begin with, if the country is that fragmented language wise, wouldn’t a noble be taught various languages? The fact that she only knows her own region’s language kind of bothers me.

      1. moon-er

        Interesting thought. 🤔 My two cents, she could have been a noble lax with her studies. 2nd, it isn’t obligatory to learn the other country’s language, especially if her country is already a powerhouse in itself and can stand independently, in which case learning other country’s languages can be passed off as an elective (except for ambassadors maybe.)