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    1. Kitty Jiu

      ROTTP updates on Tue/Thur normally but my schedule went haywire this week with all the exams, projects, and to top it off, a close family member of mine got hospitalized TT~TT

      Sorry guys, I can’t promise anything for now, but the schedule will be much more stable once my semester finishes at school. But if you’d like realtime update notifications so you get notified ASAP when a chapter comes out, you can join Discord

      Here’s some instructions:

      Click the link HERE and accept invite

      2) After joining, go to the tab ‘sect related’ at the very top and go to #grab-a-role

      3) choose theReact with React with :crown: for Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet

  1. Hyena

    Ahhhhh~ I had this story in my reading list for a long time… Why did I just start reading it now!? Baka! I’m such an idiot! >///< This novel is great! Many thanks for translating!