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  1. Aesya Mazeli

    hmmm previously she was a person of jianghu right when her master took her. the massacres must had rock the kingdom if shes able to raise a prince with no family and resource to the emperor seat.

  2. antisocialcow

    Omg, this must be my favorite chapter. I love watching the growth of Gong Yi Mo. Here we get to see some insight of who she was in the past and that she truly regrets how she acted before and has decided to atone in this life. Man, I love character progression.

    1. Kitty Jiu

      totally agree with you! Character growth is so interesting, which is one of the reasons why i love this series. A lot of stories grow stagnant because their characters don’t grow or change.

      Anyways, readers often forget that Gong Yi Mo was sort of a villainess in her past life who was very willfull and caused wars and massacres in her past life, which is probably why so many people had grudges against her in the past and even hunted her down T~T (and GC dumped her while GJ killed her)

      Poor Yi Mo needs a man though who can really stand on her side this time. I feel bad for her