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  1. Hoshiandme

    Oh my god. Girl why.
    Gong Yi Mo.
    You helped him in your last life.
    You helped him!!
    And remember where that put you!!!!!!!!
    Holy sh*t.
    If she helps him this time, I’m dropping this novel.

    1. Kitty Jiu

      LOL, patience my friend, we don’t know who she’ll end up with til it happens xD
      up to now, she did say that she’ll only consider him as a brother, so it’s not like she’s out to get revenge on him.

    2. Aesya Mazeli

      after three life she still dont learn anything lol. but from the start of the story she did say she wont pursue vengeance. but idk why she need to help even if she dont pursue vengeance.