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  1. Yui Yui

    I find the MC very stupid. With her martial arts, she could’ve just lived outside of the city and avoided all of these ladies but she decided to stay where she has no status and suffer grievances. I don’t understand why she couldn’t just leave to another place. slaps forehead

  2. ratata

    yas show her who’s boss! dare to run off her mouth,, i feel like GYM’s family is quite brainless in pampering her, courting disaster and hatred for her left and right… they could just treat ppl with respect and not punish ppl in Her name and give her too much In Front of Public….

    I love me fierce wolf GJ who turns to a cub puppy when with his beloved person
    only scary to other people, but follows behind his sis like a ducklingg

    who is sending all these secret letters??? i thought GYM-GJ was exclusive?
    it must be ppl scheming to take GJ away from his task, dirty!!
    omg please be save Bai Sheng,,, I hope you won’t die or be cast away ;;
    GJ and his thoughts going back to the capital every few minutes is so Meng (´ω`♡%)

  3. Vannie

    The hair thing still feel weird (when ever I read it). Welp, I know that it is sort of meant to help you remember those who aren’t with you (in far away place or dead), but really I just feel that it is weird. If only photos exsists, then again why not let someone make Mc’s portrait instead?

    1. Kitty G.

      Gong Jue’s an obsessive type so I can see why he would get the strand of hair.

      I think Gong Che’s more put together lol, he’d be the one to carry a portrait of GYM.

      But who knows? Maybe GYM is carrying around a camera in that mystical space of hers

  4. omonimo

    The emperor will give back her princess’ position. He likes her too much. I think he is sulking there somewhere why the princess has not come back to him. But he is also stubborn.

    Or even if he doesn’t, I am sure that princess will gain back her title in some other way. But her enemies are really foolish.

    I just want to see Gong Jue teasing Gong Yi Mo later when he grows up a bit…and more romance. The love triangle.

    Thanks for the chapter. goodwork.

  5. F_J

    You know… I feel that some people just don’t know what’s good for them? Like, even though she’s no longer a princess, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t once a princess? Right? So like… Why bother to beat someone when they’re down? shaking my head
    many thanks