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  1. ratata

    Why would Gong Yi Mo bring trouble upon herself by going? It wasn’t like she thought her days passed too peacefully. pftt exactly
    I admire her for avoiding trouble and going for peace now
    let her laze around!! leave auntie Yimo alone!

    pLease, who is your mistress? this is the princess! even if she is commoner now, you think she didn’t have any relation with the other royals anymore?
    know all the details, she didn’t do anything wrong and rather spectacularly went out grandly taking the sin of others!
    that servant is too much! servants reflects their owners, how can she show her disdain on her face and even talk so rudely!

  2. Anonchan

    Impertinence my a** go shove your pathetic little spoiled sissy a** into some horse sh*t and leave GYM alone you prick…

    Im sorry… I just hate Su M. Right now 😑
    Thanks for the update!