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  1. ratata

    ohh? i didn’t know they had good relationship… or i might have just forgotten
    …. so they’re schemers for sure…. sigh SML, I had no hope for you. it’s fine if you scheme, ok,, but to kill and torture someone else for your goal …. is despicable

    i mean, sometimes I feel conflicted, I don’t blame SML for being white lotus,, using what can benefit her in life to the most
    but the comparison that women should be like that, like this, strong, outspoken, but also submissive, hot but also cold,, clever, but not too clever, that too high standards makes me feel pity for SML, a bit
    women who dresses up – whore
    women who don’t dress up – poor
    coy – wrong
    shameless – wrong
    not blaming any characters, It’s a bigger issue that is in our subconscious..