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  1. ratata

    ewww this is gonna go down route of -prince bully girl -girl bully prince -prince fall helplessly in love with girl isn’t it
    brain makes Gong Juemercial breaks
    ah my OTP is shining
    no arrogant manbaby in sight

    this is like a woman taking man’s mercedes for a wild ride ahahah it’s good, ok GYM, you do you! if you’re happier outside palace, then that’s best outcome! GJ is still prince, and GC is backing you later

    GYM nooooo you’re building a harem!! can’t you at least pick a soft good cinnamon roll not this brick toast!!! this girl is finally off without her princess title and become a villaness over the hours LOL

    1. Kitty G.

      LOL I know right? She looks young and cute on the outside, but she’s an old fox inside

      I think GYM isn’t doing so bad when she’s kicked out of the palace. With her actual age (not body but soul-wise) I don’t really consider her to be an abandoned child since she’s technically an adult.

      Plus I think I like it better when she wanders around. It’s more of an adventure for her.