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  1. ratata

    GYM’s care for her brothers makes me want to cry huhuu
    GJ’s gonna be UPSET tm
    ewww i hope we don’t get a love storyline with this arrogant guy,,,,
    oooo!!!!! I knew he’s gonna be her admirer,, sigh
    go away trouble!
    Chaoyang princess is too radiant, ahh~
    Awww GYM’s heart is so big… she can even feel sympathy for a stranger (who’s not being the kindest person to her right now)
    PFTTTT HE GOT SHOWN!!! that’s why you don’t court trouble!
    what is he doing? teasing the girl he likes?
    pshh I hate that trope
    moreover if she didn’t dodge,, he’d be scarring a princess and woman! in a society that valued appearance more than anything, he dared to do this, I can only say,,, eyesore.
    may you be whipped a lot in the future