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  1. Aesya Mazeli

    aii you stupid child!

    but i bet its just a ploy for her to get out lol, previously she lived in a monastery or something right when her master take her to learn martial arts. the harem is a very boring place thats why the women just try killing each other for entertainment.

  2. ratata

    GYM is going to be fine! she lived for a long time combined now~
    but the emperor is short-sighted with shorter fuse
    did he really not see what is happening? hopefully not, if yes then he’s very blind and stupid – _ -”
    and I think GYM will be brought back as princess anyway because of the summary

    1. Kitty G.

      It gets explained in a later chapter, and I actually found her reason to make a lot of sense, so you can wait for those future chaps to come xD. I like ROTTP because it doesn’t explain everything at once…there’s more to the story.

      But I suppose in the same way, you can asked why Gong Yi Mo helped Gong Jue who also tortured her in her past life. People she could have used revenge on have actually stayed as her friends in this life.