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  1. Feng

    only thing i gotta comment is that the comments on the side are rather inconvenient. first off i didnt even notice them till like chapter 35. 2nd is i dont want to have to scroll all the way back up just to leave a comment. 3rd is the column is rather narrow, so people who write a bit more seems to be a wall of text. im on tablet, not sure how this would be on phone

  2. ratata

    Ey Lady! no calling GYM my girl bih!!!
    I’ll laugh at you! I’ll mock your pain D<
    You don’t mess with Chaoyang’s projects~
    it’s a biiit sad that the whole family might perish because of this

    1. Kitty G.

      No problem!
      Yeah, the chapter’s all serious but no doubt there will be fluff in the future (〃ω〃)
      coughs but we’ll have some drama for now

      That said, anyone feel bad for Gong Che? I find him quite interesting as a character personally