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  1. sithkazar

    Thanks for all your hard work! I think I found another mix -up. At the end it says “Gong Jue” when it should be “Gong Che”

    Gong Jue couldn’t bear to see her so frightened and softly said, “Mother Empress, don’t be afraid. Once the supplies are safely delivered, the matter will be over.”

  2. ratata

    Oh… Ohhhh…. wow, the empress have it tough
    at least they still look out for each other, I’m really tired when I read a novel and the mother is so heartless to her own children, scheming here and there, using them for her sake, even harming them,, sigh,, no cute points
    phew, good, GC, I know why GYM fell in love, he’s quite clever/must be gentle before he went all white wolf on her
    I still don’t know what the servant did wrong….