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  1. ratata

    OOOOOOOOoooOOOOO so manly!
    sorry for spamming with comments, I keep being pulled backward/forward chapters, I thought my comment wasn’t sent to that one,, it’s very confusing
    breaking off her hair…? huh..
    Usually I don’t like plots that hang solely on romance
    but that all doesn’t matter, GYM provides us with intrigue, GJ provides us with puppy love, no politic repercussions because of romance plot yet, but I’m feeling ok
    that determination to be stronger for the person you love is always admirable, making one want to root for ML!
    Is empress angry with the servant for not interrupting GJ/because of the pond event?

    1. Kitty G.

      LOL, thanks! Hopefully I meet patients as handsome as GJ and GC hahaha. But then I might get too distracted by their looks to stick the pointy end at the right place.