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  1. xchronicles

    I really thank the author for not rushing their childhood and showing us how their feelings deepen.
    And I also thank the translator for picking up such good novel kowtow

  2. ratata

    DAng, Kid, slow! I guess it’s feudal China but still weird to see brother sister (romantic) love–feels bit taboo, even knowing what i know
    mama bird GYM is funny, making him toast her with tea!! haha!!
    wait… big sister……. you’re just one year older than him!! why’re you acting as if you’re his auntie! don’t drink wine it’s bad for child’s body!!!
    everytime I’m reading GJ’s feelings, I’m all “you’re going to love your mother in law so much, for not falling in love with your dad”
    sigh, all this cute is suffocating my lungs; three cups for her, of course, she’s the only person in his world, the most important, and the only one who’s always been with him
    that third thanks, GJ was really keen on his own nature, because GYM is such a peaceful and gentle, steady person, GJ raised up by her is naturally more peaceful too, I don’t see him yandere-ing, so I really like this couple, love should bring the best out of people, imo
    I love it when people’s hard work is appreciated
    Ay, GYM, that boy just booked you for the future… you won’t be able to marry later unless you marry now right before he has any power x’D

  3. ratata

    Aww,, I found this novel like days ago and forgot to comment, it’s such a good story,
    GYM is very clever, and the feelings between the two is precious, only too bad her cute puppy dog will become overbearing later
    I wonder when her brothers will learn of her background, the emperor got guts lol