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  1. sithkazar

    Hello! I just discovered this novel and am really enjoying it. Thank you so much for the translation. I think I found a small typo. I believe the first “Eastern” in this paragraph should be “Western.”

    The old official proudly stroked his beard and explained, “The carriage tracks are deepest going through the Eastern Gate. This must be the princess’ plot to mislead us by filling the cargo with rocks and sand. The Southern Gate has the shallowest tracks. What could possibly be in the carriages? Perhaps it’s just filled with air? Meanwhile, the Eastern Gate is the most dangerous place, which means it is also the safest. For the Chaoyang Princess to take the opposite kind of path, she could be considered brilliant!”

  2. Izznis

    Gong Jue of course! He’s sincere and loyal even when (in the last life) the girl he love, that Su girl, chose another man..

    Gong Che already had his chance and he betrayed her hmph!

  3. Ta—-

    Che was an a hole in the last timeline, why would he change this time? What if he decides later on that Yi Mo is too strong headed? The safest is Jue. In the last timeline, who knows what happen for him to be so loyal to bad bos Su, but that certainly mean he is good hubby material. Yet it make me sad for the previous Jue because bad boss Su is just using Jue like a henchmen and pursuing Che.

    1. judairu

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  4. Imychan

    There is one thing I am confused about: Why does GJ call her sister Gong? I mean Gong is their last name right? So he should call her YiMo jiejie (sister) or Mo jie or her rank as a princess I think it was mentionned that she was the seventh princess? So maybe seventh sister ( Qi jie) ?
    Well whatever sister is cute to for GJ to say ^_^.
    On another note I am defenitly rooting for GJ, in his last life he disn’t get to be with his beloved (the evil 2nd FL) but to spend this lifetime with GYM is not waisting this opportunity.
    Thank you Kitty G for your hard work.

    1. Kitty G.

      Good point there! Actually, when Gong Jue first met GYM, he didn’t know her real name so he kept calling her “Sister Gong.” It was only on chapter 9 that he found out her real name and the meaning behind “Yi Mo”…. I think he probably got used to calling her ‘Sister Gong’ by then so he just stuck with it out of habit.

  5. Comment section not working for me until now but it seems to be fixed? Anyhow I love how Gong Jue considers his feelings.. As they say ‘patience is a virtue’ I guess..

    Thanks for the chaptersss!!!

    1. Kitty G.

      oh i like #2 for no harem. She trained him while he was young to be monogamous LOL. I remember it was mentioned that in GJ’s last life his harem was filled with countless beauties.

  6. F_J

    I’m on team Gong Yi Mo. Whoever she chooses to make her happy is the one I’ll be rooting for. Personally, neither of the two boys as they are now seem to be fit to be her life partner. One she’s taking care of as a child, and the other is someone who keeps thinking about if he needs to kill her… sigh
    Many thanks

    1. SublimiSomnium

      Agreed, ultimately I’ll root for whoever GYM chooses. Although, since it is early days I am more inclined towards GJ since they are already relying on and supporting each other. Also, can’t help holding more of a grudge towards GC for her past life. Using and betraying her for many years, at least GJ was upfront with his hate.