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  1. ginger

    ambiguity EVERYwhere. Ah royals know incest is best way to strengthen power now and gain. lel. all these feral children… it is a smashup of the Tudors, Lord of the Flies ans Blue Lagoon >_<

  2. Anonymous

    Noooope! My ship GMYxGC must sail! Even though NU heavily hinted towards GJ, I can still hope this is because GC is crown prince and the citizens know them as siblings and siblings can’t be together *ignores the loophole that this applies to GJ too, but who cares about him*
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Aesya Mazeli

      wtf gong che betrayed her! she raised him to be the emperor with all her resource and might and he betrayed her for some tramp!

      sure gong jue tortured her but he did it like its a job so theres no hard feeling!

    1. Kitty G.

      LOL I know right! If we think about this love triangle b/tw Gong Yi Mo, Gong Jue, and Gong Che….

      GJ kisses–> GYM
      GYM kisses–> GC
      GC kisses–> …………….I’m not even going there ahahah (someone needs to write a BL fanfic out there)

    2. Kitty G.

      also……since GYM did CPR, Gong Che definitely took her 2nd kiss, and the 3rd, and 4th….etc.

      unless we don’t count that as a”kiss”….

      but GC definitely thinks it is LOL

    1. Kitty G.

      Thanks! This is one of the chapters where Gong Che develops as a character, and it also foreshadows his rivalry with Gong Jue in the future.

      I can tell he’s starting to like GYM. I just can’t get over how he dumped MC for the white lotus Su Miaolan in his past life, but otherwise, he’s an interesting character.

      Anyways, I’m glad you liked today’s chaper ^^