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  1. Vincent Voidbringer

    -_-” where are all the martial artists at man? Surely the MC ain’t the only one with training from hell experience playing this thing. What about the older monsters who can’t actually use their skills in real life? where are those guys (and gals) at? F*cking hell, even some off duty soldiers would do…. Hell maybe even some modern day monstrously skilled mobsters.

  2. aeton azniel

    I dont understand why japanese culture allows females to blatantly false accuse a person to be a pervert/hentai without proof and actually believe that person. I commonly see that in anime manga or novels and is somehow a common thing there. Do people really believe false accusers that easily in japan?

    1. Vincent Voidbringer

      Well, we’re also talking about a place with Idol culture, shut ins, and the fact that even ignoring the first two points that a decent hot blooded men tend to ignore certain inconsistencies to stay in the good graces of a hot girl. No clue about the other women following along but two women getting into a cat fight tends to end up with them ganging up on any man trying to break it up so….. Pack mentality? I dunno. One of my many rules of thumb is that “Reality is often weirder than fiction” so…. For all I know the answer to your question is “Yes.”. much like how I give decent odds (30-70/40-60 ish range) that idiot young masters are an actual thing. Probably closer to a higher level of the top 1% than in cultivator fictions but still around. Sufficient quantities of cash buys political power, sufficient political power makes it so certain discrepancies can be swept under the rugs around the place.