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  1. JaJe

    Now THAT’S a good chapter.
    I feel much closure with this kind of chapter ending. Very satisfied with this double face-slap on him, and the way she said that to cut him off from the ignorant and obedient image he had of Gu Jin. 😌

  2. ainstarfiqah

    Shao Chong rebirth story can be good only ONLY if Gu Jim hadn’t switch. I mean i like to see Shao Chong’s struggle of getting bach Gu Jin’s heart once again

  3. Vye Vye

    Ummm… anyone else thinks her question is weird? Clearly Shao Chong was there at the delivery. So her question should not be “Do you think the baby was a boy or a girl?” but “Was the baby a boy or a girl?”. It is something he certainly know, so he does not need to guess.

  4. Mari Monsalve

    Too late, when you lost everything then you see the value of the things besides you. Shao Chong don’t deserve neither the original Cheng Xin or the Cheng Xin right now.
    Thank you for the chapter ♡