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  1. longlive

    I understand that you put a link on the paragraphs to prevent aggregates from copying the novel in their site but could you please not do that? I mostly read on mobile and I end up getting a reload when I press on the text before scrolling down.

    It’s difficult. Please fix this.

  2. Rebecca Woodward

    Bugger. Really liked this story until Zhao got his memories. While he was the jerk, I had NO problem with everything that had and will happen. Now I just feel bad for him. I want her to be with Mu, so it doesn’t change that part for me. It just takes some of the fun out of the story with this sad love triangle.

    1. Mari Monsalve

      Well I don’t feel that bad for him. Because first of all she isn’t the original Gu jin, and second, he’s assuming that Gu jin still feel the same about him and going to a public event to give her a gift and send her home (and leaving her in a situation that she can’t probably say no, because if she said no it probably will destroy her image and seen like a vivious woman) when she clearly with her actions and even said to him that doesn’t want to do anything with him.
      If he really have sincere feelings about her, he will have thinks about this and make an effort to talk with her in another place where she can feel more comfortable. In my point of view, he is just feeling culprit (and he is) about what happened to Gu jin in the past life, and just doing that so he can have a clear concience this time

    2. Christiana Olajide

      Why are u feeling bad. In this case transmigration didn’t make him better. He doesn’t even realise that she didn’t like worldly possessions therefore that bracelet was stolen not lost.