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  1. Mari Monsalve

    At least some smartness came to Cheng Xin and apologize and make the situation less tense. I don’t see why Jing Hao its seems like a smart person, his actions in this lasts chapters were anything but smart, if you are in front of someone who has more power than you, then don’t try to make them andry if you don’t want to fall and make your family fall

  2. Kathryn Ward

    Sounds like even years down the road she is still in denial of her own bad behavior. Even if she hadn’t paired MC with Shao Chong her own selfishness would have ruined things in a different way. She was treating Gu Jin as her personal follower who she did not respect nor take seriously. With that mentality it would have fallen apart eventually regardless of the awful Shao Chong situation.