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  1. JaJe

    Noooooo, don’t leave, yet!
    Shao Chong said he will see you there, even if he doesn’t foresee a burning face-slap coming his way from our lovely power couple. XD
    lolololollllll poor guy, forever supporting male lead that has no chance. :’/

    1. Kathryn Ward

      I dont think its meant as a sexist jab against women but more an acknowledgment of his grandsons weakness towards women.

      The granfather stated that normally Jing Hao was ‘ever-steady’ implying he would normally act smarter. But since opening his heart towards a woman he became foolish for her. Grandpa is calling her ‘dirty’ for manipulating Jing Hao in a negative way for her own benefit. He sees his normally smart grandson making a seen with the gf hiding behind him like a week kitten. Its obvious she played a role in whats happened.

      People can be heavily influenced by their significant other in ways they would normally never bend. This can be good or bad depending on how they manipulate their influence. Unfortunatly, we know Cheng Xin is a selfish, arrogant, fake white lotus. Its not surprising that she would influence him in a way that only benefited her.

      Guys can be especially weak to ‘white knight’ syndrome. Wanted to be the hero and protector of their love. Had a friend who was manipulated in a way similar to how Cheng Xin manipulates Jing Hao by his gf. She always had something (no matter how minor or silly) she needed him to white knight for her. It caused him to alienate his family and almost all his friends. It was 2 years before he realized what had happened.

      1. Kitty Jiu

        Also note that note that the grandpa said “woman” (sing) not women(plural) so he’s not referring to ALL women–only Cheng Xin.
        It’s the same way we’d call a guy a jerk, but we’re not generalizing all guys, only the specific person we’re referring to.
        LOL, anyhow, glad you guys are enjoying the chapter….it’s all been drama lately xD

  2. Mari Monsalve

    I still feel that the chapters are so short, but every release is better that the last. Thank you very much for translating this novel ♡

    I’m with the author, her perspective isn’t incorrect.
    Jing Hao is really an idiot, if you want to protect your love, be you the one who protect her, no ask her cousin, because is not her job

  3. Bel H.

    I agree with your opinion. That’s why I like when authors don’t do that. For instance, I really like that in Uprooted the best friend has her own motivations.
    And in this novel is good to see how the author deconstruct the FL best friend.