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  1. acascia

    Cheng Xi and Jing Hao are really a couple.
    After seeing Gu Jin with another man their first thought is not that she is changed boyfriend but that she is two timing.
    Seriously do you really think she would bring her lover (ML) to an event without her boyfriend (Shao Chong) eventually knowing?! Why are they so stupid? Is it brain damage?
    It’s oblivious that she broke up with Shao Chong.
    And what Jing Hao should do now is bringing his girlfriend away and asking who the man is. I hope he is not idiotic as his lover and provoke the ML.

  2. Mari Monsalve

    Yeah, because is to hard to think that maybe she broke up with her ex, who btw was in love with your girlfriend and didn’t love her. But yeah, she is a woman who like to pedal two boats. Really, you need to rethink your principles, you know the shortcoming of your girl but still she is inoccent…

  3. Savi Thri

    Wooah hold your horses… Gu Jin is not the one who has a step in 2 boats.. Its your lovely girlfriend bro.. U need to watch your girl before cursing others.. This is the perfect example of kettle calling pot black 😑😑😒😒😒😒