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  1. JaJe

    He remembers his past life after blacking out, and that determines his love for her only now that he understands what it’s like to lose her twice? Nuh uh. You don’t love someone just because… whatever. However hopeless his chances are with the current Gu Jin, which are probably actually much lower than his chances of fighting against Fang Jing for Cheng Xin, he needs to learn to man up and see reality.
    btw, I kinda was keeping an eye out for another person in-the-know of the previous life. I only now realize this works better drama-wise in Shao Chong than in Gu Teng. ^_^”

    1. JaJe

      Pls excuse my mobile commenting when I just made a name up instead of looking up the novel ML’ S name. XD it’s Jing Zao, I think? Anyway, the best thing Shao Chong could do for her is leave her alone. Jeesh.

  2. Milkbiscuit

    Being reborn only works out if you’re the only one who knows what happened in the past life. Unfortunately, not only does Gu Jin know how badly he treated her, she’s not even the same Gu Jin who was in love with him, so he can’t depend on her past emotions. This is definitely a Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator pairing that won’t have a happy ending (and I’m glad for that).

  3. Megami Kaiteiru

    I’m just hoping his “awakening” won’t turn him into an obsessive guy who can’t take no for an answer, but his delusions are alarming. He’s neglected the girl who loved him before leading to her death. He was given this second chance, but for what? Me. Mu better protect Gu Jin from delulu SC. 😤

    Thanks for the chapter! 😁

  4. Chocolate Fudge Brownies!

    Honestly what changed him to not like cheng xin? This makes no sense. Even if the author does somehow make some sense into this, shao Chong still doesn’t deserve her no matter what because he had eyes to see, a mouth to talk and ears to hear. He had no reason to not see that gu Jin loved him in the first life,even if his own love made him blind. He used gu Jin.