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  1. ohmariowv

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Yeah… this part with the ogres is a tad annoying. But it’s buildup for what’s to come. And yes, sometime soon you will feel like slapping Shirone again.

  2. Ayuto

    Elder: Reap What You Sow.

    Shirone is so egocentric and selfish…it is like her selfish good intentions paved the road to hell for mc.

    Ther girls soon find out about Kuna – new enemy from Nargol. They will think she is new brainwashed summoned hero…
    Kyoko is too smart to go against new enemy without support. But Shirone can do stupid actions and meet Kuna – it will bring despair for prideful naive hero and satisfaction for little devil.

    Still mc need more trustworthy and powerful allies.

    1. Chad Meyer

      Imagine if Shrione murders Kuna thinking shes the one brainwashing Kuroki… That would be shitshow. Kuroki wouldn’t be able to forgive Shirone for that and would fight Reiji to kill next time. Rena would be quite pissed as well and throw the heros to the wolves.
      Rather Kuroki, Reiji has killed far too many innocent people in this world already; and has no intention of sparing you next time you fight. The longer he lives the more misery he will cause for the residents of this world. Don’t spare him for Shrione’s sake. How many more people would he have to kill before he has to go?

      1. Vincent Voidbringer

        That’s still assuming she can kill a combat healer that’s on her own level, using a weapon with far greater reach than her sword, and that she can do it before Kuroki defuses the fight… well or just rescues and runs away with Kuna….. Also, where has Reiji been killing random guys again? (don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t put it past him to do it to expand his harem) But I can’t recall anything that actually had him do that? At most it’s been beating them into submission.

        …… Random thought, but why do have have the sudden impression that beating Reiji gave to Kuroki back in japan was fueled in part by Reiji catching a glimpse at Kuroki’s junk in the lockerrooms and realized it dwarfed his? -_-” No Idea why I’m so focused on bringing that into this but w/e. Gotta admit, it’d fit Reiji’s character since even with being Shrione’s childhood friend the pacifistic Kuroki practically wears “Friendzoned” on a sign around his neck from my grasp of the context.

        1. Ayuto

          “Oh right, due to the whole body clone thing she’ll probably confuse Kuna with Rena for a bit.”
          At first maybe, but Kuna have not fully developed language and must be shorter than Rena + scythe is not weapon of Rena.

          “Imagine if Shrione murders Kuna thinking shes the one brainwashing Kuroki…”
          Extremely low chance. Yep, Shirone is combat oriented light knight, but she is too emotional, egocentric and unexperinced – more like merciless coldhearted Kuna will have upper hand in fight or at least will have chances to escape. And Kuroki will prevent any big problems in really bad case.
          Shirone can think at meeting with Kuna:” She is Mona”, still she will be too confused and Kuna will be really furious if Shirone assume : “mc seduced Modes’ wife”.

          It is sad : mc still like Shirone and she think about his as useless weak braindead old “female” friend.

          Reji…he had everething from his birth, he had wealth, powers(good phisical characteristics, grades, economical support), all was easy for him to achieve. It was reason for him to becom childish closminded egocentric and preverted boy with pride complex of his superioty.
          He will spend time with girls for his satisfaction and will destroy or kill any “annoing enemy of his desires”…He will pay no attention to husband, fiance, lover if his desired girl or woman and if they interfere he will have given them beating or use seduced girl or woman to drive off them. Seems he is sly coward and will not attack strong opponent without 100% victory chances(Last battle with Kiroki: Reji used girls as main front power…).
          Kuriki will change his disposition about heroes soon…because he choose path with Kuna and it mean he cant abandon her: he cant left her in this world and must live here. Modes’ sheme was successful: “Kuroki created clone of goddess and broke the ban of the gods to create one” – now mc cant join forces of gods and heroes…

          1. Vincent Voidbringer

            Gotta be honest, there’s a fairly decent chance of Kuroki getting Modes back in good standing with the other gods by exposing Rena’s manipulations of the facts later on. (probably due to some sort of blurt out the facts moment on the love-struck btch’s part.) -_-” fcking hell just because someone’s ugly as sin(…. which come to think of it is a bit of an oxymoron due to how attractive sins tend to be when personified… Save gluttony) doesn’t mean you should just run them out of town on a rail. …… Hell, blanking on mode’s description but I can’t recall him actually being called hideous by anyone other than Rena.