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  1. peerlessbaka

    Tess? Tess? Where are you, are you fine?
    If things will go like this, Tess will definitely be a Yandere to Kuroki. Don’t go and forget your harem behind, Kuro.
    And YEAHHH Rena is just one step away from accepting Kuro

  2. Morilinde

    So Kuroki finally has his own cure goddess. And given the fact how Mona and Rena act she will be a huge yandere. I mean just look at Rena all talking about “Just take me”. Well small spoiler the creation of Kuna actually will help Rena because she will experience everything from Kuna’s point of view from now on. And what goes the bet that Reiji will have delusions when he will see Kuna for the first time?

    1. Nicolas Heyligers (“Zi Otaku-sama”)

      Combo Rena and Kuna would surely be a beautiful sight. Can’t wait until that time XD and I wonder what face would Reiji show when seeing her, and maybe even Rena at Kuroki’s side. And, I never noticed up until this chapter, but Modes did the same name combination for Mona, using the Mo of Modes with the na of Rena. Really slow on the uptake XD

  3. LibertarianCicero

    Yep, Rena’s a Kuroki addict. Still better than the girls who are Reiji addicts. I want to hear more about Modes and his mother. I also want to see if Chiyuki finds out it was Kuroki who saved her from Zarxis, and how she would react to that.

  4. Hakou

    Thanks for the chap~

    I… Have a mixed feelings about all of this, really.
    I feel bad for Shirone because she’s just DENSE, she didn’t mean to hurt him, no, she didn’t even realize she hurt him. Kuroki also DENSE and instead of facing Shirone, he escape to another being called Kuna. But I can’t blame him either because I kind of get how he felt. Then again it’s his fault too because he didn’t make any approach because of inferiority complex he had towards Reiji. Well, I guess that’s natural, huh.
    The lesson here guys, don’t just assume things you don’t know. It’s better to confirm it head on, instead of assuming things, which then leads to a big misunderstanding that could seperate you from those who you hold dear.
    And maybe I’ll just wait until this one gets to 100 chapters or something, I can’t stand the cliff lol
    Reading raw is too much for me right now.

  5. ohmariowv

    Thanks for not splitting up the chapter.

    Yeah, best girl has arrived. Though I personally think that Kuna is best girl, it’s up to you if you agree with me in the upcoming chapters.

    1. Ragna0011

      Is possibly…a yanderedere?? Naiwa… Cute girls cant be possibly be yanyanderedere. The image is just!
      Anyway, thanks for.the.treat, honestly, im starting to like Rena. And i believe she will soon become obsesive deredere stalking girl. A hunch.