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  1. ishira

    Yay finally he got exposed! I don’t read ahead but i’m pretty sure that bitch will stay being a bitch even after knowing the truth.

    Also, when will Rena appear again? Missed her so much…

  2. Nicolas Heyligers (“Zi Otaku-sama”)

    This is such a good novel, I love it. Thanks for the release. I like the fast rate of releases too. Thank you again for that. Can’t wait for the next one

  3. solu.lovers

    Yes i agree if yous says you are stupid… There many ways to finish them without killing them…
    But you instead only defend not even attacking…
    I could understand kuroki’s sentiment but arent reiji not included? He is kuroki’s enemy since years ago…
    Well nevermind… Lets forget those heroes(?) and just focus thing about the new goddess…
    I have one question tho, did kuroki really have a s*x with that rena? It would be funny if she’s pregnant… No, that might the reason why she didnt appear in front of reiji-tachi

    1. highdreams19

      I don’t think they had sex. I could be wrong, but I believe they just made out at the most. Idk, but Kuroki didn’t really make a big deal about it or give detail so he probably did

    2. redrosez

      They did Have S*x that night and the result is Rena is pregnant in the next 2 volume well thats what i know after i read the Raw version of the novel for many times

  4. Ragna0011

    ..what do you think happened if he fought back…inthe whole fight, all he did is defend. Even ig he can counter them easily, he didnt,. Shucks, i want to see blood, enemies blood.

    1. Chad Meyer

      Unlike Reiji’s side who think nothing of killing people (should be ashamed to think of themselves as modern Japanese…) Kuroki hates killing his opponents. I just wish the Dragon King would have gotten pissed at them for attacking him, his home, and his guest and raised a fuss.
      Don’t worry, Reiji is this strong after being in the world for 6 months. Kuroki has been in the world for a few weeks and has much better teachers. Had this fight happened 6 months from now Kuroki would have wiped the floor with them.

  5. Chad Meyer

    Shirone’s behavior is baffling, with how she behaves differently between Kuroki and Reiji.
    Shes charmed by Reiji, welcoming his advances and denies being his woman internally, but doesn’t openly counter that claim. Meanwhile she doesn’t care that other women approach Reiji because ‘Reiji’s Special’ and thinks nothing of Reiji’s shortcomings (free pass, other guys who do similar things are scum).
    Shes obsessed with Kuroki ‘as a friend’, but hates seeing other women get close to him. She clearly sides with Reiji in a Kuroki vs Reiji situation and appears to value her short time with Reiji more then the lifetime with Kuroki; or at least acts like it. Constantly puts down Kurki as weak, womanizing pervert that could never get a pretty girlfriend on his own, talking bad about him to others.
    Its like she loves Kuroki but is charmed by Reiji. Not sure if shes slept with Reiji, but she hasn’t realized that being by Reiji’s side implies your his lover and that you have (and Kuroki assumes so as well). As long as shes by Reiji’s side she will never be able to make up with Kuroki but she doesn’t realize it and nobody is willing to point that out to her. She threw away what ever might have been with Kuroki and will never be able to get it back.

  6. ohmariowv

    The comment I just accidentally posted on the previous part of the chapter was meant for this part. Yes, I’m mad about the bonus releases ending before the prologue. This was only the chapter where things start to get more interesting. Yes, the “heroes” now know Diehart’s identity. And I ended up laughing at how hypocritical they become (in the raws). Especially Shirone. It’s not even a spoiler, it’s easy to tell that they’re all going to be stupid when it comes to why Kuroki’s Diehart. The scenario’s been done so many times that it’s expected. Bright side, best girl (in my opinion) is about to be introduced. Trust me, she’s gonna make it a lot more interesting.

      1. ohmariowv

        Google the name of the novel, click on the result for Novel Updates, copy the name (in Japanese), paste it into the Google Search Engine, click on the sysopsu link. Also, be sure that you’re using google chrome as it has a built-in translate feature.

  7. Morilinde

    Good thing Kuroki saved the dragon earlier otherwise… And Shirone’s reaction.. Maybe there is a little hope? Naaa not possible.
    But Kuroki you can relax now. You get your own sweet (yandere) goddess now

      1. ohmariowv

        I just muscle my way through reading the raws… via Google Translate. It’s worst than MTL, but if you are calm and collective you can get the gist of what’s happening.