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  1. Zeo

    I feel like Reiji got off too easy, that horn-dog needs a castration. I’m looking forward to the day Rena abandons him so we can watch his fall into a whirlpool of despair while his lovers are forced to watch and end up giving up on him.
    I really hope Rena decides to drop him in arc 9 for the mess he made and choice to not do anything about it. Be nice if the dragons team up in retaliation against the city as well.

    1. 1-UP

      Reiji is arrogant, lustful, prideful and has a major messiah complex. I really hope karma would get him in the end.

      So far I’m satisfied with how Kuroki breaking Reiji’s confidence/pride and instilling fear into him. In arc 5, Kuroki (undisguised) unexpectedly meets Reiji in person and Reiji doesn’t recognise him but was shaking in fear. As the Dark Knight, he thrashed Reiji unarmed and even broke his nose. When someone mentions he was beaten by the Dark Knight, Reiji becomes disheartened and groans. The best part is when he quickly retreats in fear, when he heard the dark knight was approaching.

      I don’t think Rena would abandon Reiji yet, Kouki is still growing up in his Kingdom.
      I think the dragons will probably be expanded in arc 10, So far this arc revolves around Kouki, Elf kingdom and Felion.
      I think the dragon lords will team up and clash against Reiji and his Eld kingdom, and eventually Kuroki has to fix his problems yet again.

  2. 1-UP

    Interesting facts from the web novel codex that hasn’t been told in the story:
    1. Reiji and Kuroki belong to the divine beings category, rather than the humanity category.
    2. Reiji and Kyoukai are half-siblings. Kyoukai was born to the legal wife while Reiji is the illegitimate son of the Midou family. Reiji isn’t aware he was deprived of his position.
    3. Rena is the female version of Reiji. However the difference lies in the commitment of relationships, whereas Reiji isn’t bound to a single woman, Rena would only be tied down to one man. Rena’s main strength is defence, she is weak compared to Kuroki, however she can fight evenly against Chiyuki.

  3. guy smiley

    I am shipping Rena x Kuroki super hard now. She’s really gotta stop defaulting to nefarious solutions to her problems tho. Just talk to him, tell him your situation, girl! Good communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. And if you leave it too late, he’s gonna summon another clone of you, which I personally think is a super scummy thing to do.

    It’s akin to human cloning + also raising them with brainwashing also. Like, what? How is that considered an ok thing to do?

    Rena is my favorite character btw, she’s so petty, superficial, vain, human, real. She feels like a real character. And her being superficial isn’t really a negative either, because what character in this story is not superficial in their attractions? Certainly not Modes, Kuroki, Reiji, or any of the other heroines (besides Mana, but read above r.e brainwashing so I don’t think she counts).

    1. Zeo

      Rather then human cloning, I think its more like creating a high power familiar at a level that can be considered equal to the creator. Modes wouldn’t just clone Rena considering the clone would feel the same way, so the artificial goddess creation magic he made probably had the clone’s mind created in a way where it was preconditioned to have affections towards the one who caries out the ceremony.
      That being said, cloning someone without their permission is bad. You already know how mad Rena got when Modes did it. You have her attention, so ask her permission… Or you could kidnap her instead… Or maybe she could provide the heir of a reasonable alternative cough Shrione cough.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    Yeah… it’s easy to tell Rena’s next move. I will admit, she’s not really the b*tch goddess she appeared to be. In the end, it’s partially her fault of what happened for getting Modes kicked out. But even I think she’s paid the price. Try to imagine being in her shoes, it’s almost akin to rape with what she’s gone through. She doesn’t control Mona, so she can’t stop Modes.

    1. Morilinde

      Well Rena has already fallen in love with Kuroki o she will probably use it on him. Though I doubt it will work as described since Kuroki is way too powerful for the potions full effect.
      But a small spoiler Rena will get more then she asked for 😉

  5. Zeo

    Until this point in the story I didn’t really like Rena much, but after seeing what she had to go though I can see why she it taking the actions she does. How many years has she had that horrible nightmare, driving her insane and will never end unless exteme methods are taking. Can’t go public about it since she can’t trust the demon lord to stop not to mention the public shame. Shes no saint, just another person with selfish motivations.
    On the other hand I had been giving Reiji the benefit of the doubt so far. Maybe he was just a chick magnet and couldn’t say no to them, and truly thought he was helping other guys by not helping them. But no, Reiji is scum. Reiji initiates it and shamelessly will go after any woman who meets his fancy, whether or not they have a lover isn’t a problem as long as he can add them to his trophy collection. Initial star-struckness aside, I just don’t get how any woman of any worth could stay by his side after seeing his true self; unless they are either deliberately blinded by it or in too far. Its not like he has the ability to love anyone other then himself, he sees women as things to collect. At the very least he won’t get Rena~ I can’t wait for his reaction if he ever finds out.