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  1. Deus Venatus

    Ok… With the title of the next chapter in mind, as well as the contents of the beginning of this chapter, I’m going to go ahead and make a wild guess that Rena will be Kuroki’s cherry popper XD

  2. AnonKun

    Man. Kuroki just keeps being sucker-punched. He sees Shirone in revealing attire, only to realize that she’s never willingly even worn such for him on occasion, yet is doing so because of Reiji. True, he doesn’t realize she’s only doing it because they thought they could draw the “pervert” out rather than because she likes being that bold, but the fact that this was the first time he’s seen her like that while with another man is definitely a punch.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to Kuroki getting his own harem and waifu, and whether or not Shirone would end up begging Kuroki to take her back by then.