Remarried Empress

Remarried Empress Shut Down

Hello đŸ‘‹ we regret to inform you that Remarried Empress will be shut down and no future chapters will be updated until further notice. 

Prior to to being shut down, WordExcerpt contacted the publisher, Naver, for a future and potential chances of licensing their pre-existing works. Naver agreed, more than willing to lay the offer out on the table.

I was ecstatic, happy to know we’d get the chance to license their novels and establish a partnership with. And so I booked a flight to S. Korea for 2020 to further the negotiations and establish a contract with them.

It would have been a good start to the new year.

But this morning, I received an message from the author and manager (by no fault of their own) to shut down the series, Remarried Empress. Here’s a screenshot of the last paragraph of their message…

Our translation was found all over social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) due to said user(s) sharing them. Of course, that post or posts garnered many likes, and was viewed by many and of course, the author took notice of it.

The publisher, Naver, then further contacted us. Well, you can fill in the blanks.

It really did mess up WordExcerpt’s negotiations with Naver, making it harder for us as we now have formed a dent between us and the author’s relationship. Our plans to license Naver’s works had now just been raised from easy (visit the company and get the contract) to hard as we now have other hurdles to go through.

This means that it’ll take longer than planned to get the translations licensed, if the deal is still on the table and Naver is still willing.

Now we also have other translated works from other publishers too, RidiBooks and JJWXC included and one we’re working to get licensed. Please don’t be that one reader that will honestly get us shut down. It’s already stressful enough as it is for me running the websites, maintaining the costs and expenses for running it, the server, replying to readers for any problems that may arise, dealing with the publishers and their strenuous and expensive conditions and the likes. I do not want to have to deal with something like this that could potentially be avoided.

Just don’t post and share it everywhere for the both of us.

To avoid any further challenges we might face, please do not repost or share ANY of our works on ANY social media. We do not want a repeat of this. If you see any of our works posted on social media, report it and get them to delete the post. We provide our contents for FREE, it’s always going to be publicly available and we never plan to paywall it either. The least you can do is help us. Don’t spread our works that we work hard to provide for you day and night.

We might not actively report things, but we do a lot of works in the background. Any careless decision or action a reader decides to do might potentially cause us harm and damage or we end up facing legal issues.

Please think twice.

With that being said, Remarried Empress will no longer be available and will no longer be updated until further notice. We will be speaking to the publishers.