Translates raws whether it be Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or any sort of language you are fluent in into English. Whatever it may be, wordexcerpt wants you. 

Hey, it could even be an alien language, we’ll take you in. That’s right. We want you. Don’t worry if you think you’re sucky coughs I mean at the level of a beginner as there are always rooms for improvement. 

You do wish to improve, right? You are vital to the world of raw literature because without you, there would be no novels.

Requirements: Ability to translate raw novels. That’s a given.


Editors are also an important piece to the creation of translated novels, a backbone to the community as well as translators. You complement the translators and provide the necessary tools to fix any sort of errors in punctuation, grammar, flow of the sentence, verb tenses, sentence structure, word usage, and so forth.

As said earlier, you are vital and wordexcerpt needs you for you provide richness and quality to the translations.

Requirements: Proficiency in English and possesses a comprehensive understanding of the rules of English when it comes to grammars.


You’ve been blessed with a rich mind and creativity. Don’t waste it. Allow wordexcerpt to nurture your ability. We’d love to have you. No, in fact, we want you. Original authors are just as important. Why? Because you spin webs of wonders and endless possibilities. You create a story. You create a world. The world moves for stories, after all.

Requirements: Proficiency in English.

With that being said, do not worry if you believe you’re not up to the expectation. Word Excerpt will provide you the tools and guidance necessary to train you in the path of higher cultivation in literature.

If you have other skill sets such as marketing, creative art, or the IT side of it all, we also welcome you. We welcome all talents that would benefit Word Excerpt in the long run as the business continues to grow.

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