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Partnership With Tappytoon

We recently finalized the details of a budding partnership with a certain company, one that we are extremely excited to work with: Tappytoon!

We are big fans of their work and know that they take their comics and translations seriously. With this partnership, our end goal is to make Korean novels mainstream and widely accessible to international audiences. Readers can expect to find the same high-quality selection on their new novel platform. Some popular titles from Tappytoon include comic adaptations of novels such as Light and Shadow and A Villainess for the Tyrant.

🎥 About Tappytoon

Tappytoon has been continuously ranked as one of the top five comic apps in the market since 2019. They are an incredibly popular choice, with more than 4 million daily readers from around the globe! Their collection of comics spans a wide variety of genres: from action and fantasy to romance and mature.

In lieu of this partnership, Light and Shadow readers should especially keep an eye out for Tappytoon’s new platform for the novel’s latest releases, as we have transferred exclusive ownership to them for that specific title. We will still be translating it; however, it will be hosted on their platform, so you’ll still be able to enjoy premium translations in the future.