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Partnership With Shinyoung

We are thrilled to announce a budding partnership with a certain South Korean publisher, one that we are eager to work with: Shinyoung Media. With a particular focus on romance and boy love fiction catering to the female demographics, we know that this partnership will boost our efforts to truly make South Korean literature easily accessible in the English market.

🎥 About Shinyoung

One of the largest South Korean publishers, Shinyoung Media specializes in romance and boy love fiction catering to the female demographics. With thousands of bestsellers and critically acclaimed content, we can expect a healthy partnership that promotes mainstream access to South Korean literature.

Licensing a collection of 26 novels spanning a wide variety of genres – from fantasy and modern romance, boy love… – WordExcerpt will have its hands full in the coming months officializing the content to address the barriers of access to official South Korean literature in the English market.