WordExcerpt 2.0

About WE 2.0

WE 2.0 introduces a dramatic new look for WordExcerpt with dark mode, new design layout, and more animated WEMojis. WE 2.0 is faster and more responsive with optimizations across all desktop and mobile platforms that improves loading pages.

WE 2.0

WE 2.0 includes new features and improvements to better you reading experiences. This includes:

Dark Mode
  • A beautiful dark color scheme set system-wide and all over WordExcerpt. Reading experience is heightened as it delivers a great, heightened viewing experience especially in low-light environments.
  • Though already implemented, it is worth noting that dark mode can be turned off when reading novel series.
Live Chat
  • Email inquiries are often lost in inboxes. FB live chat enters the scene, allowing users to contact staff and receive a reply ASAP.
  • FB live chat button is located on the lower-right corner.
  • New WeMoji packs to enjoy and express excitement, rage, sadness, or possibly trolling.
  • WEMoji’s will be continuously updated to better outwardly expression.
  • Self explanatory. See for yourself.
Speed Optimization
  • New server = better speed. Nuff said.
WebPush Notification
  • Users will receive a web-push notifying recent chapter updates of their favorite bookmarked novel.
Yaoi + Yuri + Smut
  • You heard it folks. WE 2.0 will take in novels belonging to that genre.
  • Coming soon. Stay tuned…

And Many More… coming soon on future versions. Stay tuned…


Hello folks JUD here! Hope the introductory WE 2.0 updates lured you in. I’d have brought you in more updates, one that’s a drastic change and one you would immediately notice if you’re a frequent WordExcerpt reader, but alas’ we could not. We’re on tight budget and schedule. That or we’d have to wait ’till late December or early 2020 and that was something we could not afford to do as we had already paid for our new hosting service provider. The clock was ticking and so the decision to release ASAP had been made.

Also, I’d like to note that moving over the chapters was all done manually by only 2 people alone props to them. That was hundreds of chapters, possibly a thousand that needed to be manually uploaded.

We’d also like to be a bit more transparent about the current status of our works, the staff… basically everything WordExcerpt related that we created a news/announcement channel to keep you, our dear readers and one we’re thankful to have, updated.

For the past 3 months, you might have also noticed that I, JUD, had been a bit inactive. Even the works I translate had been placed on hold but that was honestly for a good purpose coughs even though I said I’d be updating more frequently. What a major lie that was… Anyways, I moved to Asia for 3 months for BUSINESS TRIPS and was also on a mission to get some contracts and licensing done. The result? Contract for Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet was finalized and needs to be processed and negotiations for I Refuse To Be a Supporting Character was also a success. It’ll take a while though ’till everything is processed and finalized.

Patience is virtue.

Uh… what else… we have new authors entering the WordExcerpt scene and we’re in the midst of attempting to recruit translators to pick up one of our dropped novels, requested novels (on discord), or a novel of their own choosing.

There’s more I would like to say but well… I’ll save that for another time.