Rebirth of the tyrant

Drama | Historical | Josei | Psychological | Romance

Author: 风与自然 Fēng Yǔ Zìrán

Translator: Kitty G.

Status: 980 Chapters (Complete)




“Your highness! The Regent Prince has sent your scholar fiancé to the Western Butcher’s daughter!”

The princess gritted her teeth. “It doesn’t matter….I still have other suitors!”

“Your highness! The Regent Prince wants to be your suitor. All the other men were sold to Gou Lan Red district.”

The princess was distressed. “It’s okay….I’ll get married soon, with Prince Fùmǎ!

“Your highness!”

“What, did Fùmǎ also back out?”

The servant ran in horrified. “He was imprisoned at home! Meanwhile there’s a red sedan chair waiting at your residence for your marriage! It was led by the Regent!”

The princess was stunned. For a day like this to come, it’s simply impossible!

In summary, this is a sad story of a Female boss crossing back in time to hold the thick thigh of a big BOSS, but while raising him she was “eaten” in the process.


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