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For those interested in western fantasy, kingdom building, and male lead devoted to love interest only, this is the novel for you. At the same time, for those who are a Fate/Stay Night fan, you will surely love this!

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IRSC Ch.10 First Conflict

Hi Guys!

Announcement: I’m changing my username to Kitty Jiu instead of Kitty G. because there’s another popular youtuber with that username already. So less confusion

Jiu 九 in Chinese means 9

I’m the cat with 9 lives Kitty Jiu

P.S. I promised 2 extra chapters If up to 60 people join Discord for realtime updates, so here’s the promised chaps! See the link below.


[IRSC Ch.10: Dim Room]

Translator: Kitty Jiu

Editor: Arikimi

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