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Our sojourn voyage began long ago in the summer of 2018. Our team was small, and still is. We continue to published content, pushed out content without the content owner’s knowledge nor the proper licensing rights. But over time, as our audience continues to grow,  it became a necessity as we soon created a negative impact to the industry, directly and indirectly. 

We started our voyage with a passion and love for webnovels. It’s fun, it’s convenient, and a fulfilling appetite. It was a storytelling medium and versatile to all audience. It was not only entertaining but it provided a medium to learn via education and communication. It had left a big impact in their hearts. But, it is now time that we lay down our forks. Our translations have provided a medium that rips off creators without proper compensation and further damage the industry. Piracy is never the way forward. 

And so we start anew and re-right our wrongs. 


hello@comifi.com for inquiries and questions.


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