CHLOE ch. 16

Translator/editor: moon-er

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Hello! I have a novel coming to you soon! Here’s a sneak peak! :3

I tend to read novels with female protagonists more than novels with male MC, but honestly.. this novel is just so addicting and the male MC is so pure and funny. Bonus is it also has a unique world setting (hint: think wreck it ralph)

I’m sure you are all gonna be hooked like me xD

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Comedy, Harem(?) :p

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why so many coincidences happen in a novel? Why the protagonist has to go on countless adventures, or the question as to why the perfect solution to a crisis only appears whenever the protagonist arrives on scene?

There’s a simple answer for that: because everything is premeditated.

Sin city, the organization responsible for these tasks, is also the transit hub between parallel worlds.

The reason it is named as such, is because the people who live here are NPCs who play the role of the villains.


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