Chapter 7: Help In the Dark Alley

Hello everyone. How’s your life so far? Mine’s well. I did manage to translate a few chapter during the weekend, my free time.

The latest chapter update is out!

Schedule release for Heroes of Marvel: Weekly

Some updates. I managed to get a couple licenses with a few publishers. And thus due to that, I’ll be working on another novel to translate without worrying about legal issues, getting DCMA’d, and for me to earn some extra income. This license I have allows the novel I will be translating to be published as a digital print (E-Book) and also a physical book copy.

What does this mean? Heroes of Marvel becomes a side project. Keep in mind that this is a QI novel but nevertheless, the plot was good enough for me to want to translate and share. Plus I like Marvel ❤

Chapter 7: Help In the Dark Alley

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