Chapter 6: Demon Cow

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Since Many people asking why I’m separating some chapters into partial chapter. Let me to explain that I’m separating my project into two big group 8k project and 3k project, here the list of my project and the average number of characters :

  • Seigensou = 8000 character –> Partial chapter means that chapter have more than 10000 characters in RAW
  • Behemoth Pet = 3000 character –> Chapter 1 is actually 2 in 1 chapter, you can check the raw if you don’t believe me, it has 5000 characters in chapter 1[in RAW of course].
  • AKM = 7000 character [despite actually part of 3k project]–> chapter 25 even have 12000 character in RAW which made me to split the chapter into 4 parts. WHat? chapter 17? it have around 7500 character in RAW.
  • RCO = 4000 character –> chapter 20 have around 5000 character so I split that into 2 parts.
  • Parasite = 3700 characters–>

Now, take for example AKM chapter 17. I need 3 days to finish the translation of  part 1 and then moving to translating RCO[since I’m translating one of these two title right after waking up in the morning]. Naturally I can finish chapter 17 in one week but that will make me stop from translating RCO, and that is just simple example of 2 parts chapter. chapter 25 of AKM will basically take 12 days for me.

Conclusion, that PARTIAL CHAPTER is actually worth of entire chapter. feel free to check the raw if you don’t believe me.

TN: By the way, you can actually bookmarking the title that you’re following in WE for latest notification.

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Chapter 6