Meet WordExcerpt.

We are a U.S. based publisher with key focus on the licensing, localization, and publishing of eastern literature. The company works with publishers and license holders, localizing content from its original language into English to reach global audiences and share the authors’ wondrous world of imaginative stories.

Our mission is to redefine the reading culture in the west and ignite universal passion for reading. We believe that books, and the stories they hold, brings us closer to a better future.


For corporate customers, publishers, press media, and secondary and derivative licensing inquiries, visit our corporate page contact form here.

For tech, billing, and support related inquiries, contact us at support@wordexcerpt.com or through our live support here.

Please note that WordExcerpt cannot respond to inquiries about volume releases or whether a series will be licensed, nor are we currently accepting any suggestions.